Organic traffic is the most valuable form of traffic, because it is caused by users searching for a very specific answer, solution or service. If you can provide it, you can land a new client. Organic traffic comes to your website from publishing high quality, relevant content. It is the ideal strategy for marketing services or recruitment - they both require high quality content for building trust.

Multilingual Content Marketing

Marketing abroad requires a mix of language and technical skills. I work with translators who also help me optimize websites for search in the local language - International SEO. They can translate your marketing copy into languages including Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Turkish or Ukrainian. Content marketing needs some of these steps:

●  Content Audit
●  Target Audience & Competition Analysis
●  Content Marketing Strategy Development & Content Planning
●  Content Production, Translation & Localization
●  Content Distribution & Social Promotion

Search Engine Optimization

Organic traffic profits highly from optimization of your web pages for search engines (SEO). However, the bases of SEO and good User Experience (UX) are the same: intuitive structure, clear page layout and great content. International SEO increases your search presence in the target countries and languages. Local SEO improves your ranking in local searches. Any SEO needs time so search engines perceive the growth as natural and organic. My SEO services usually consist of the following phases:

●  SEO Audit
●  Keyword Analysis & Competition Analysis
●  SEO Strategy Development
●  Onpage and Offpage Optimization

Web Design & Development

●  Prototyping & Testing
●  Web Desing & Development
●  Microsites, Careers Websites & Custom Applications

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